First death anniversary of Fr. Achille Figini,sx

On June 9, 2011 Fr. Achille Figini passed away after many years of service in Mexico. He was ordained to the missionary priesthood in 1955 and from 1966 to 1972 he worked in Spain. From 1973 he spent the rest of his life tirelessly working in formation, pastoral work and in education.

Fr. Figini was a man of God with a radical approach to himself, first and foremost, and then to others. The Superior General wrote to him on 10 March 2005 to congratulate him for his 50 years of priestly ordination:

“”I see that your whole life has been a service to the Family in formation and government; these are, perhaps, the two most difficult sectors of all. You have carried out these services above all in the young Region of Mexico, where Xaverian tradition had to be invented from scratch. I know that it has not always been easy and that not all the fruits have grown in the same way, but the Lord has made it possible to plant the small Xaverian tree in Mexico and make it grow beyond our expectations.””

In his moving response to Fr. Rino Benzoni, Fr,Achille wrote:

“” Il sogno della nostra vita secondo l’ideale del beato Conforti e’ stato l’identificazione con Cristo. Solo col passare degli anni si percepisce che sarebbe stato immensamente piu’ bello ed efficace lasciare tutto il nostro spazio alla sua immensa bonta’. Nonostante tutto e’ sempre bello sentire che ci avviciniamo all’incontro nel quale sperimenteremo che Dio e’ perdono e misericordia.”

“The dream of our life according to the ideal of Blessed Conforti has been the identification with Christ. Only with the passing of the years, one feels that it would have been infinitely more beautiful and effective to leave all our space to God’s immense goodness. In spite of everything it is always nice to experience that we are getting closer to the meeting, where we will experience that God is forgiveness and mercy.”

 May he rest in peace and continue to pray for us.


  1. Héctor Hernandez

    El más grande de los Santos que me ha tocado convivir con él, Gracias Achilles por todas tus enseñas de vida

  2. Gracias Hector, tienes toda la razon!
    Menos mal que todavia hay gente capaz de reconocer a los santos cuando estan todavia vivos, no tan solo cuando se han ido!

  3. a los que tuvimos la oportunidad de compartir con el un momento de nuestras vidas, nos quedó muy claro que el ejemplo vale mas que mil palabras fue hombre coherente gracias “Hermanito”

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