Farewell to the first Xaverian Missionaries in Thailand


The Xaverian Theologate in Asia thanks the Lord for the sending of the first Xaverian Missionaries to Thailand: Fr. Thierry and Fr. Giovanni Matteazzi. May the Lord bless them in their new mission.

How Saint Guido M. Conforti envisaged this event of our family:

“Since my youth I have always felt a strong wish to dedicate myself to the Foreign Missions and since I couldn’t satisfy this saint wish of mine at the proper time, for reasons that were out of my will, I dreamed of founding I myself a Seminary for the Emilia, destined to this great purpose…

 Here’s, therefore, in brief the main ideas of the Project: exclusive objective of this Institute will be the preaching of the Gospel in the non-Christian lands according to the mandate of the Divine Savior to his disciples…

Last, if it were allowed to express a humble request, it will ask preferentially the Missions of Asia, being that land the one with the biggest number of non-Christians, and that was the territory of the sublime apostolate of Saint Francis Xavier, from whom the Seminary that is to be found will take name and inspiration.”

 (Saint Guido M. Conforti, Letter to Card. Ledochowski, Parma, March 9, 1984.)


  1. Since Fr Thierry whom we know so well is in Thailand we feel as if part of our Philippine Delegation is in Thailand too. In the History of Church we see it repeatedly that great missionary work began with the arrival of the first missionary. With the blessings of St. Conforti we all look forward a great cooperation with the Local Church in the work of evangelization. Best wishes to our pioneers Matteazzi and Kamga!

    • Salamat Po Aldo,
      Thank you for your prayer and your support. i am here certainly because God and Conforti want it, but also because You wanted it by doing your mission as my Formator and by showing me through your life of faithfulness to the Lord that it is not a waste of time to be an “Ambassador of Christ”.

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