Xaverian Missionaries elect new General Direction

The 16th General Chapter of the Xaverian Missionaries elected the Congregation’s new General Direction. Fr. Luigi Menegazzo was elected as Superior General and Fr. Mula was elected as Vicar General. The new Councillors  are: Fr. Javier Peguero (Mexico), Fr. Eugenio Pulcini (Italy) and Fr. Antonio Lopez (Mexico). The XVI General Chapter began on Saturday, 16 June 2013, with the participation of 40 Delegates and the 5 members of the outgoing General Direction.


Presentation of the new General Direction




Born in Cittadella (Padova), Fr. Luigi is 60 years old. He was ordained priest in 1977. After obtaining a degree in Missiology at the Gregorian University, he taught history and phenomenology of religions at the Xaverian Theological Institute of Parma. He lived in Japan for 15 years working in ministry and studying Shintoism. He was vicar general of the congregation for 12 years in Rome.


Fr Mula



Born in Dorgali (Italy), Fr. Mario is 66 years old and has been a Xaverian since 1964. He was ordained priest in 1973. He was serving as Superior Delegate in Spain before his election as Vicar General. Previously, he worked in Missionary-Vocation Animation and formation in Spain and Italy (in the Macomer community); he also worked in missionary pastoral activity in Cali, Colombia.


Fr Javier



Born in Cortazar (Mexico), Fr. Javier is 57 years old and has been a Xaverian since 1976. He was ordained priest in 1983. After obtaining a Masters in Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, he also obtained a Doctorate in Biblical Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He collaborated as a formator in the Xaverian novitiate of Salamanca, Mexico and served in the mission of Bangladesh. He was the Regional Superior in Mexico at the time of his election as a General Councillor.

Fr Eugenio



Born in Bergamo (Italy), Fr. Eugenio is 53 years old and has been a Xaverian since 1978. He was ordained priest in 1986, after completing his Theology studies in Mexico. He has worked in the formation of young Mexicans at various levels. After obtaining a diploma in Educational Sciences at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome, and studying the English language (in view of assignment to Sierra Leone) he was sent to the Philippines, where he was serving as Theology Rector at the time of his election as a General Councilor.

Fr Antonio



Born in Arandas (Mexico), Fr. Antonio is 46 years old and has been a Xaverian since 1987. He was ordained priest in 1996. He is qualified in Sacred Scripture and has been working in the mission in Chad since 1996.

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  1. I know to the Fathers: Javier Peguero and Antonio Villasenor, I remember to Fr Eugenio, I am glad to know the new general direction, Fathers pray for me always, God give to you the Holy Spirit to take the best direction for the Missions Xaverians on the word. The St Guido Ma Conforti give to God the players the all his Aguiluchos. The Pope Francisco give to us the very good way to follow to Jesucristro and I know the Missions Xaverians have this way to life.

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