Who we are

Xaverian Theologate



We are a community composed by students of Theology. We belong to a religious congregation called Xaverian Missionaries and we have come from several countries around the world to the Philippines to complete both our missionary training and our academic formation before professing final vows and being ordained priests.

Our community has three important aspects: one is related to our studies and the courses we are taking at Loyola School of Theology in Ateneo de Manila; another aspect is related to our ministry work which ranges from parish based activities to justice and peace initiatives and inter-religious dialogue; and the third is related to the way we live as a community.

Even though we come from different countries and do not have the same background, we live, pray, work and discern together as a community. We choose to live as if the community were our family.  This training enables us to work among peoples of other languages, cultures and religious traditions and witness that the whole world can live as a single big family too.

We encourage and welcome in our community young men who identify themselves with the charism of our congregation and consider applying to become members. Our charism is known as the work of first proclamation of the Gospel, that is, to announce Jesus Christ to the peoples who do not know the Good News yet.

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