What a God! What a man! What a faith!

By Angelo Cartelli sx

    For Conforti faith is the most sublime gift given by God. In fact it is a “free gift” which enlightens intelligence, comforts hearts and shapes actions.

            However, through personal experience Conforti testified that faith involves all our being giving a special shape on our thoughts and actions. In this sense, Conforti in his ministry was much convinced that “we must also believe in practice and authenticate our faith with our works”. Indeed this was confirmed either by people who lived close to him or those who just watched him passing by with his horse going here and there visiting his parishioners, shining his holiness; what a man!

            Although if we go back though to the Conforti’s childhood we see a little boy who was able to recognize this “free gift”. Then somehow he didn’t say only: Thanks; but took the courage in asking: “So what I should do to multiply this gift?” A little boy holding a so precious treasure; what a faith!

            The result was bountiful, Conforti trusted in the Divine Providence and God, in response, granted to him an abundance of gifts to serve the people of his diocese and to inspire his confreres regarding the mission in China; what a God!

            Therefore, what usually brought peace and comfort to Conforti’s heart was to make sure that his faith was being authenticated with his deeds. In this line Conforti can be compared to the faithful and good servant of the scripture: “Master, you handed over to me five talents; see, I have five more talents” (Mt 25.20)

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  1. holiness for Conforti is not something doing marvelous things or enjoying extraordinary supernatural gifts but consist in the possession of divine grace and the faithful fulfillment of the will of God.
    do you remember that Conforti fell down from the horseback?, in one of his trip/visit and he was left abandon by his horse. what a horse!

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