“How are they to believe in one of whom they have never heard? And how are they proclaim him unless they are sent?” (Rm 10:14-15).

1. Who we are

IMG_3691We, Xaverian Missionaries, (founded by Bishop Guido Maria Conforti in 1895, Italy), are a religious community of men called to consecrate ourselves to God for the mission. Our one exclusive purpose is to proclaim Christ and His message to non-Christians by word, example, and the testimony of our consecrated religious life.

We offer our pastoral service to the already established Christian communities on a temporary basis, assisting them in their process of inculturation and growth, enabling them to become active agents of mission to non-Christians and live in communion with other churches. Our mission compels us to work so that local churches acknowledge and assume their mission obligations towards non-Christians.

Our model and patron is Saint Francis Xavier, the great apostle of the Indies. Our Foundation name is Pious Society of St. Francis Xavier For Foreign Missions.

2. Our spirituality

Saint Conforti - PhilippinesOur Founder, Saint Guido Maria Conforti, set the foundation for our life and spirituality in these five aspects:

  1. Christ-centered spirituality: Christ is the center of our lives, the driving force and inspiration of our thoughts, love, and actions. Our Founder invites to have a living faith, which enables us to seek, see and love God in all
  2. Missionary purpose: our charism is the first proclamation. We are called to announce Christ where he is not yet known. Therefore, we are missionaries ad gentes (for non-Christian), ad extra (we are sent to proclaim the Gospel beyond the boundaries of our own cultural milieu and local church), and ad vitam (by virtue of our vocation, our availability to serve the missionary cause is of a definitive nature, both in terms of life-long commitment and total dedication to the missionary vocation).
  3. Religious consecration: we are to live and witness our mission consecration by following Christ in vowed poverty, chastity, obedience and mission.
  4. Intense love for our Xaverian Family, which we must look upon as mother, and a spirit of intense love for all the members of our society. Our Founder invites us his children to love one another as brothers and respect one another as princes.
  5. The Xaverian’s humanity that consists in the formation of the heart. It emphasizes human virtues, such as self-giving, gratuitousness, fidelity to daily responsibility, love for work, the ability to face the problems of daily life, a balanced affective life, acceptance of others, openness of mind and heart to the cultural values and the great problems that affect humanity.

3. Where we are

We are now in 21 countries, in the continents of Africa, America, Asian and Europe.

Xaverian Missionaries in the World

4. Our addresses

We are wholeheartedly willing to welcome young people who would like to continue the mission of Christ, proclaim the beauty and newness of the Gospel, and share our dream to make the world a single family. We seek out young Filipino men and invite them to reflect on their missionary commitment as followers of Christ. We will share our missionary charism with the local Church. It is not only the missionary spirit that we share with the local Church, but the Mission Ad Gentes and Mission Ad Extra, two relevant activities. We considered our charism a gift of the Holy Spirit, and as such, we share it with the Filipino people.

Joeven's first mass

Joeven’s first mass

Young professional. We accompany, in their vocational journey, young professionals who are considering religious, missionary life and priesthood as the lifestyle to fulfill their baptismal commitment while considering their age factor and other policies necessary for their admission.

College graduates. We invite young men who have already finished their college studies to start the vocation discernment process. The maximum age of the applicants is 25.

College students who have finished second and third year college. We also invite college students who want to join our congregation. They should, at least, finished second year college and willing to shift to philosophy. The minimum age for these applicants is 21.

5. Formation stages

  • IMG_3988Pre-Novitiate:
  • 1 year of Aspirancy or propaedeutic year.
  • 3 years of philosophy studies.
  • 1 year of Postulancy.
  • Novitiate: 1 year. After the novitiate, the candidate, if he is presented, he will profess his temporary vows and become member of our Institute.
  • Post-Novitiate or period of temporary vows. It is the stage in which the candidate is called to discipleship with Christ through his religious consecration and study Theology as preparation to priestly and apostolic ministry. Theological studies are done in one of our International Theologate (Cameroon, Italy, Mexico and Philippines). The duration of this stage depends on the statute of each formation community of Theology; the average for all is more less 5 years.

If you are interested in our way of life, spirituality and charism, you may freely contact the vocation promoter for more information and guidance. You may contact us through these addresses:

Fr. Fabien Kalehezo, sx.

Block 32, Lot 16 Lily St,

Maligaya Subdivision, Novaliches,

Quezon City, Phillipines.

Tel: (02) 96 28 571

Cell: 093 23 66 623 86

Email: phycompachir@gmail.com

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