United Nations Day

For the commemoration of the United Nations Day, a group of children from St. Guido Maria Conforti Tutorial Center gathered in our Theology House to mark the worldwide event. Amazingly, children not only bore flags of several countries member of the Organization but also wore clothes typical of the countries they represented. The celebration began around 1:00 Pm with a prayer led by a kid. Then, the cheered crowd of guests and parents was given a glance of the performance achieved by the children in their Tutorial Center. Some of them danced, others proclaimed poems of Peace, friendship, and love.  Others again sung. It was just wonderful listening to them. For a couple of hours, we had the whole world within our House! More than that, given the timing of the event (after the World Mission Sunday and still within the month of Mission) it is perhaps Saint Conforti’s dream of making of the world one family that is becoming true. What United Nations cannot achieve because of fight for power and self-Interest, children have made it visible at our eyes: Yes, we can still dream of a United World!

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