Third Death Anniversary of Fr. Cecilio Lucero

We remember the death of Fr. Ceclio Lucero a peacemaker for the Filipino people. He is a martyr because of the Gospel. He was killed on a Sunday morning on his way to celebrate the Eucharist. Several bullets pierced his body,: his life was sacrificed for the sake of many. Today as always, we remember his life of service to God and to His people. is glad to share with you the letter from PCPR regarding the third death anniversary of Fr. Cecilio Lucero of Diocese of Catarman. Let us join together in prayer for his eternal rest and for all those committed to continue his service…

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Warm greetings!

September 6, 2012 marks the third death anniversary of Fr. Cecilio Lucero of the Diocese of Catarman.  He was ambushed by 5 bonnet-wearing gunmen last 2009 in San Jose, Northern Samar. At the time of his killing, he was the chairperson of the Human Rights Desk of the Catarman Diocese and the Head of the provincial Peace and Order Council. He was one of the well-loved clergies in the diocese for his courage and commitment as a human rights advocate and defender.  At all times, he stood firm and defended the interest of the marginalized and poor.

A self-confessed assailant was charged before the court but influential suspects identified in an independent fact-finding team remain secluded, and worst, others were promoted or were reinstalled to their previous positions in the government.  To this day, the case is still in the prosecutorial level and shows the telling signs of another case unresolved as authorities remain insincere in securing justice to Fr. Lucero and his family.

In giving honor to a person whose solidarity and witnessing knows no bounds, may we request you/your community/parish to offer a mass in memory of Fr. Cecilio Lucero. Let it be known to all faithfuls that a prophet was silenced from living a life of service, that justice remains elusive as the climate of impunity engulfs our land.

Thank you very much and may the spirit and strength of the Lord of justice be with us.

On behalf of the PCPR secretariat,

Mr. Nardy Sabino

Prayer for Fr. Cecilio Lucero

From the womb of our struggle and hope
Comes the birth of courageous people
Striving not to be elected in high positions
But to serve the Your beloved anawim
But at the altar of greed and power-glutton empire
The holy and the martyrs were sacrificed
They who fought for dignity and human rights
Were slaughtered and shamed, killed by the bullets a hundred times.
The mothers and widows cry out loud to heavens
The children and comrades weep day and night
For the beloved ones who departed in undue time
We ask thee God, until when is the mourning?
You who are our Courage and Fire
You who are our Wisdom and Water
You who are our Comfort and Earth
You who are our Breath and Wind
We only ask for one thing
But give us the Love and Strength to defend Life and Dignity
In memory of those who fell on the grounds
By the fierce of fascism and cowardice of the tyrant
Rekindle our passion to work for peace and human rights
Until we behold the promise of abundant Life!

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