The cradle Christian

By Theodore Kabundi

Christian life needs a process for growing and becoming adult in the faith. Like the human life, Christian life follows also some steps like:  being gentile, being catechized, being baptized when we, finally become Christian.  When we come in the church for the first time we are gentiles; a gentile is like a new born baby sleeping in his cradle quietly without problem. He or she doesn’t know anything or discern good from evil. He must be helped by his local community that hopes that little by little he or she will begin the normal growing in his or her faith, becoming Christian through catechism and others teachings of the church.  The new life consists in being guided by the Word of God through the Bible and through the experiences of the wise people.  This new life isn’t easy. Like the life of a new born that totally depends on his or her parents and others, whatever he or she does is acceptable because he or she doesn’t have the capacity to discern what is good and what is bad. This is acceptable for the gentile who is accepted in the local community because he or she is still young in faith, but of the mature Christian full commitment for others is required. For the new born in Jesus, he or she must be model, leader in what he or she does and we can’t tolerate sins in him or her like corruption, selfishness, being unjust… As in the human families, some children grow very well, become mature soon and are the joy of their parents; it is the same in the Christian life, some of them grow well, have maturity and are able to take some responsibilities in the local community. Why some grow and others remain like a baby in the cradle?

We come in the church not only to listen to the word of God, but also to act on it in order to become real brothers, sisters and parents of Jesus. However, there are some Christians who remain the same, as I said in the beginning, with their bad behaviors.  They forget that Christian life needs a commitment for growing and being able to help others, the church and our nation.  As Christians, when we continue to corrupt, to steal, to be unjust… we lack maturity and we remain always like a child. The Christian of cradle is one who is not able to do anything alone, to decide for himself or herself and to take some responsibilities in his or her local community. He or she likes to be helped in every aspect as a baby, by his parents. The main question is to understand how some Christians grow and others not. The answer to this question isn’t easy, because it depends on each of us, our capacity and will to grow. Nevertheless, we try to give two reasons that seems for us the cause of this problem: Firstly, the remembrance of our past life before becoming Christian, thinking that it was better than Christian life, with its many forbidden things. This is a real sign of lack of growing.  The second cause can be, the fear to take some responsibilities because we must be leaders and guides for others, and if our behavior is not good, we cannot accept to be leader, we prefer being accommodated and guided by others.

Good Christians listen to the Word of God and act on it. The fruit of this action is seen clearly when we become like being catechists, good politicians, responsible fathers or mothers… we have to grow in what we do for the greatest glory of God.

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  1. Nice article, Theodore…Congrats! …. Indeed, we do need to grow in maturity, and this is a daily process…

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