The Birthday of Mama Mary

Fr. Thiago, sx

In September, within the span of a week, the Church celebrates three Marian feasts, strongly rooted in the popular piety: the Nativity of Mary, the name of Mary and her sorrows. These three feats don´t come from the Bible. They are traditional feats which appear as a necessity of the people of God to contemplate and to celebrate the mystery of our redemption with images always new. Actually, these feats celebrate the mystery of God who became flash and was born of a woman. This woman commemorated her birthday, like us, had a name, like us, and like us, knew sorrows and pains. At the end, the Marian feats want to extol the mystery of God who enters in our history through our collaboration and support. God, even if he could have done differently, wanted to count on us to fulfill the mystery of our redemption. Mary is the most perfect icon of this collaboration and support between God and humankind.

In Mary: 

heaven and earth intertwine.

In Mary:

God is at home with the human being and the human being is at home with God.

In Mary;

the time is full of eternity and eternity embraces the time.

In this feast we rejoice together with Mary because in her we can contemplate the abundant outpouring of God´s exuberant love for us and we can contemplate also human´s positive answer to this love. Saint Andrew of Crete, a father of the desert, who lived in the 7th century, in one of his homilies about this feast affirmed:

“Let the whole creation, therefore, sing praise and dance and unite in celebrating the glories of this day. Today let there be one common feast of all in heaven and earth. Let everything that is, in and above the earth, join together in rejoicing. For today a shrine is built for the creator of the universe. The creature is newly ready as a divine dwelling for the Creator.”

In celebrating the birthday of Mary we don´t have any other word to say to her but: happy birthday! And thank you Mary for showing us how to open, better, to open wide the door of our heart to Christ, who makes our lives more human and more divine.

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  1. Thank you Father Thiago for your reflections…

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