SERVANT OF GOD, SERVANT FOR THE PEOPLE (Hery’s deacon ordination)

On this first Sunday of Advent 2013, we,  the International Theologate of Asia Community, with the whole Congregation of the Xaverian Missionaries and with the Christian community of Saint Francis Xavier Parish, are happy to celebrate the diaconate Ordination of our Brother Hery Mardadus Junianto.

HeryThe deacon is the visible image of Christ serving with, in and by love. To be deacon is to identify oneself with Christ Servant and Humble tying a towel around himself and pouring water into a basin to wash the disciples’ feet. Moreover, to be deacon is to imitate the gestures of Christ, the Good Samaritan: to draw near, to let oneself be moved with pity, to go and bandage wounds, to pour oil and wine on them. To bend down before the humanity wounded, striped of all and moribund.  At last, it is to be conformed with the Son of Man who came not to be served but to serve.

Consequently, the diaconate is not a transitory or temporary period in preparation to the priesthood, but it is a permanent state of being, an ontological and inner attitude of the disciple of Jesus and of the minister of God. The deacon is not only in service of the altar during the liturgical moments, but his service extends itself to the altar of daily life where he is called to wash and to kiss the feet of the poor and to break the bread of God’s word and of the wheat following the example of Christ, the Deacon par excellence.

On this day of his diaconate ordination, we warmly wish that our Br. Hery may serve with joy and compassion, remaining deacon even after his priesthood ordination.






  1. I would like to pray in a particular way to Hery’s family in Java and thank them for being the first formators.

  2. Congratulations Rev. Hery. I wish you a pleasant and fruitful ministry!

  3. Congratulations Hery! All the best! :)

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