Returning at Loyola School of Theology

by Martin,sx

Summer vacation is over!

The streets and avenues of Manila are now more congestive than before due to the great number of public transportation vehicles which carry children and youth to school, colleges and universities.

At Loyola School of Theology, a new academic year has also started. This morning, the Faculty has opened its doors and classrooms are once again hosting theologians and professors.

Located in Ateneo de Manila University campus, Loyola School of Theology is a Jesuit institution whose aim is “to educate in the faith, sustain personal theological growth, and assist in the effective empowerment of all who desire to serve God’s people by ministries in and of the Church.”

 Founded, in 1965, Loyola School of Theology was approved by the Congregation for Catholic Education as an ecclesiastical faculty on 13 August 1999. Since then, the Institution has been training theologians in ecclesiastical degrees such as Bachelor in Sacred Theology (STB), Licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL) and Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD). Along with these ecclesiastical courses, the Faculty offers also special training for people involved in Pastoral Ministry as well as civil degrees in Theology through Ateneo De Manila University.

Among the numerous schools of theology located in manila, Loyola School of Theology imposed itself by its reputation and the quality of the training it offers. With a great number of renowned professors with outstanding theological backgrounds, Loyola School of Theology possesses the largest library in the whole of the South Asia Pacific. This means that Students have more than enough in terms of documentation. Perhaps, this is the reason why many surrounding countries send seminarians and religious at Loyola School of Theology.

We Xaverians have been frequenting the Institution since 2005.  The choice who lead us there was motivated as we have mentioned a while ago by the very well appreciated training it offers. Degrees are important but we are first of all descendants of great Pastors such as Saint Francis Xavier and our Father Saint Guido Maria Conforti. Given the ministerial trend of the School, we believe that doing theology at Loyola school of Theology has a double advantage: first, we are equipped theologically as any leader of the Church is supposed to be, with more than a substantial knowledge of the catholic Faith and Doctrine.  Second, we are prepared to tackle and address ministry issues related not only to Asia but to other parts of the world as well. It is therefore we great joy that we have rejoined this morning the other theologians in Loyola School of Theology.

Remembering the words of our Father Saint Conforti, we keep in mind that doing theology is more than fulfilling our duty as students. It is in fact doing Mission.  Our Father Saint Conforti wrote that taking seriously our studies in preparation for Mission, is as meritorious as working directly in the fields of Mission.  This is the spirit that will sustain us as we get in the newly painted rooms of Loyola School of Theology.


  1. Yes Martin. I wish to all of you a wonderful school year. Guys, study hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. have a great school year ahead, Martin! =)

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