Pope Francis’ first public speech in the Philippines

MANILA, January 16, 2015. – On his second day of his visit to the Philippines, Pope Francis delivered his first public speech to President Benigno Aquino III and other Filipino authorities in Malacañang Palace. After President Aquino’s speech, he gave thanks for his welcoming and pointed out some reasons for his visit, which has been done for pastoral purposes:

  • The preparation for the 500th anniversary of the first evangelization to the Philippines
  • To express his closeness to the victims of natural disaster in Layte
  • To encourage the Filipino authorities of building a nation on a modern society confronted by ethical and political challenges, in especial way, their duty of “hear the voice of the poor”
  • To meet the Families and the youth, promoting respect for human dignity, freedom, and life
  • Finally, the important Filipino role among countries of Asia

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