Outing 2012

From May 21 to May 26 our Community spent a wonderful time of rest and leisure in Infanta, Quezon Province.

We all enjoyed being in touched with nature in its wonders and fascinating beauty. Looking at  sunrise and sunset, we all rejoiced and blessed the God of day and darkness. The Pacific Ocean in whose waters we swam every afternoon, gave us lots of fun. It was also funny to sing karaoke and play billiard.  We had the opportunity to visit one small waterfall and to bath under it. Surrounded by trees, birds, clouds, wind etc., it was very relaxing to be in the midst of nature and to feel part of it. We enjoyed fishing Tilapia and some of us happened to be excellent fishermen! We didn’t forget to play soccer since many of us partake in the talent of notorious soccer players such as Messi, Drogba and Eto. It was with a revitalized and energized body and spirit that on Saturday 26, we said goodbye to Infanta.


  1. Hey, don’t forget that we have also enjoyed karaoke and billiard!!!

  2. Hey!!! Where are the big names of the Brazilian Football???

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