Our Year 2013 through pictures

The year 2013 has been special for our community. We have experienced many events and moments of joy and sadness too. We have rejoiced for Aime’s graduation and ordination to the priesthood, the election of Pope Francis and his new style, the election of the new General Direction of our Congregation and his visit to our Delegation, Hery’s final vows and his ordination to the deaconate, finally the fraternity revealed everyday and in special moments as birthday celebration, pastoral activities, summer outing, Christmas and many others. We have passed through difficult moments in the country and in our community; we prayed for what was happening in Zamboanga’s war and helped the victims of the typhoon Yolanda, then we experienced Martin’s death during our annual retreat. Above all, we believe that God has been present in our community every day during the year 2013, for this reason we thank to God for all these events. It is because of this that we begin the new year with confidence; after all, we are in good hands!

Happy New Year 2014 to all!



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  1. I like this description of what has been our community life. It really portrays the events we enjoyed the most within Faith and hope, tears and consolation, regrets and mercy. at the end we asserted: Above all, God’s powerful presence has been revealed to us. Thank you everyone for contributing to one’s success.

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