Our Lady of Guadalupe in Marikina

Hello Friends, my name is Roberto Vega Juarez. I am from Mexico. On December 12, the Mexican people celebrated 486 years of the presence of Our Lady of Guadalupe in this beautiful country. Now, I am living in the Philippines and this is my first time that I celebrated the Guadalupana out of Mexico.

While for all the Mexican people the feast of the Guadalupana is very important, here in the Philippines it is only a liturgical celebration despite being under her protection and naming her queen of this country.

On this day, I went to Marikina city, the place where the Xaverian Missionaries have been present for several years.  The celebration began with the Eucharist presided by Fr. Javier Mexicano (our delegate superior), Fr. Emanuele Borelli, Fr. Yohanes Purnomo, Fr. Yustinus Hibur, and some guest priests.

During of the Homily, the Fr. Javier exhorted the people to have present Our Lady of Guadalupe as their protector at any moment of their life. He also remembered the words that she said to the indigenous Juan Diego: “Am I not here and am I not your mother?”

After the mass, all the people ate dinner at the basketball court and celebrated this feast presenting some dances. Both young and old people participated in the joyful celebration.

After this experience, I think that the presence of Lady Guadalupe in the life of these people is a motivation to continue onwards in life in spite of the difficulties that they have every day. I give thanks to God for this now experience in my life and I continue to pray for the Mexican people.

Blessings from the Philippines.

By Roberto Vega Juarez.



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