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Our community is glad to welcome four new members who, in turn, happily join this adventure of learning languages, study theology and build an intercultural community in view of mission. Every time a new batch of brothers arrive, the whole community becomes new again. We do not choose each other, but once we find ourselves together, we begin to see and appreciate each other as gifts. In the gift, blessings and challenges are usually intertwined, but nothing will ever scare us for as long as we keep a good degree of communication, being open enough to let ourselves be known. So, here we move the first steps: our new brothers introduce themselves!


EtienneI am RIVUZIMANA Etienne from Burundi. I began my formation in the Xaverian Family in Burundi where I studied Philosophy. After this stage, I went to D.R. Congo for my Novitiate. Now I am in the Philippines in our International Community of Theology. Presently I am studying English as preparation for my theological studies. I am happy to be here and share the experience of brotherhood in a multicultural community.

Jean-ClaudeI am MUGISHO MINANI Jean Claude  from D.R. Congo. After five years of missionary formation in the Xaverian Family, I was accepted to make temporary vows in this religious congregation in Kinshasa on August 1st 2015.  Before I could not imagine becoming a religious missionary in my life; I started feeling this desire only when I was 22 years old. In the same way, I could not think of continuing my formation in the Philippines for the Theology studies. When I received my assignment to the Philippines, I was assailed by doubts, but the first experience has dispelled the fears of the beginning and I feel at home with the help of my brothers. I give thanks to the Lord and ask him the grace to incline my heart according to his will.

CassienI am brother NSHIMIRIMANA Cassien from Burundi. I am the youngest in the family of six daughters and two brothers. During my elementary and high school, I was a member of Xaveri Movement that has Saint Francis Xavier as model and patron. I learnt more about him and his mission. I was interested in his desire to bring the Gospel to China. One of my classmates told me about the Xaverian missionaries. Then, I tried to join their community, which was near our school. After meeting and journeying with them, I began my formation in 2011. I studied philosophy in Bujumbura and afterward I went to Kinshasa (D.R. Congo) for the Novitiate where I deepened the Xaverian charism. I consecrated my life for the mission in this family and in the Church through the religious profession on 1st august 2015. Now, I am in the Philippines, I live with my brothers who have also chosen to follow Jesus closely and consecrate their lives for the mission. I am very happy for this missionary experience that gives me the possibility to make the world a single family in Christ.

DieudonneI am BILAMIRWA HATEGEKA Dieudonné from D. R. Congo. I felt the need to follow Jesus closely when I was eight years old. At that time even though I did not know yet what it meant clearly, I was attracted by the examples and testimony of the first missionaries who came to my place (Idjwi Island) to preach the Good News. I began my missionary adventures and formation in the Xaverian Family when I was nineteen years old. I have been fascinated by our Founders’ ideal of making the whole world a single family in Jesus Christ and I desired to fulfill it through my total self-giving.  On August first, I consecrated, through the vows, my life to the Lord for Mission. Now I am happy to continue and live my first experience as consecrated in our multicultural community in Manila. Here I am experiencing the great joy of consecration and brotherhood in Christ.

 Xaverian-Manila Welcoming party 2015


  1. Welcome dear mga Gwapong Bros.

  2. Mark Gbama Bangura

    Thanks brothers for a wonderful inspiration

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