The commitment to continuously verify the way of living the mission and to make it more appropriate to the time of today is the heart of a conference organized by the congregation of the Xaverians Missionaries at Tavernerio, close to the city of Como, Italy.

It has begun the day before yesterday, July 15 and it will be concluded by July 29. Its purpose, as stated by the XV General Chapter n. 36: “To restart the daring project of our Founder, with new energy, new creativity, and new spiritual charge”.

There are 41 participants – included the General Direction of the Xaverians – who represent all the countries in which they work, and also all the countries in which they were born: AFRICA: (4 – Democratic Republic of Congo, 1 – Cameroun); AMERICAS: (2 – Brazil, 5 – Mexico, 1 – USA); ASIA: (2 – Indonesia); EUROPE: (17 – Italy, 1 – United Kingdom, 2 – Spain). Three Xaverian Sisters and one member of the Xaverian Lay Movement are also joining the activities of the Conference.

To verify the way of living mission, includes a serious reflection on internationalization and the interculturality within the Xaverian family; on the formation of the Xaverian today, on intercultural and interreligious dialogue … The proposals and the results of the conference will provide food for thought and suggestions for the regions and for the congregation as a whole also in view of the XVI general chapter.



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