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New Comers 2017

The missionary month is about to come to an end, and we want to give thanks to all the people who have prayed for the missionaries and their work around the world. Once more we were reminded of our missionary responsibility as baptized to transform the lives of our brothers and sisters in the same way that Jesus has transformed ours, as Pope Francis told us in his message for the World Mission Sunday of this year.

In the same way, the Pope explained that being missionary entails a spirituality of a constant exodus, pilgrimage, and exile. This is why we want to acknowledge our new brothers who celebrated mass with our bishop Antonio Tobias in the cathedral as a way of welcoming into the diocese. They are experiencing in their flesh an exodus following Jesus in this land of the Philippines.

Erasto Torres Carpio (Mexico)

I am Erasto Fernando Torres Carpio, I am from Mexico.  I arrived in the Philippines last July 15. I am happy to be here to study theology as preparation to become a Xaverian priest. Now, I am studying English, and working in the process the enculturation. I like the Filipino people because they are very friendly, happy; they also enjoy singing, dancing, and playing basketball.




Roberto Vega Juarez (Mexico)

I am Roberto Vega Juarez. I’m from Mexico. I arrived in the Xaverian theology of the Philippines three months ago together with Erasto. I am also studying English this year. Next year, I am going to study the first year at the Loyola School of Theology.These three months have been a pleasant experience. The community is good with me. I don’t have any problem with the food because it is similar to the Mexican. The weather is also good for now. I give thanks to God for this new experience in my life and my missionary journey.



Gindo Fernando Tinambunan (Indonesia)

I am Gindo Fernando Tinambunan. I came from Indonesia, exactly from Sumatra island, west part of Indonesia. I came here in the Philippines on August 8, 2017. I was happy when I heard that I was assigned to the Philippines. I was sure that this was my new mission, so I had to prepare myself. I think Filipino people are friendly. Now, I just feel like I am in Indonesia because, fortunately, Filipino culture and situation have similarities to Indonesia. Now, I am happy to be together with other brothers who come from different countries, customs, and languages. I hope I can enjoy my life in here and finish my study on time. Hopefully!!



Giomar Henrique Clemente (Brazil)

My name is Giomar. I come from Brazil, and I am happy to be here in the Philippines. I am learning English as well. The people from the Philippines have been very kind to me, and I like how cheerful they are. I hope that this new experience of learning a new language and knowing a new culture will help me in my life as a missionary in the future. I give thanks to God for all the blessing I have received in this experience.



It is not easy to leave our own country, learn a new language and live with people we never meet before, but, as Saint Paul says: “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me” (Philippians 4:13). May God bless our new brothers and give them the strength and fortitude to answer faithfully to the call of Christ to be his messengers. These young people are the hope of the mission.

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  1. Antone mushagalusa

    Welcome to the Filipino missionary style..We are blessed to have you in our midst and we all on a journey, focus on the living faith rather than on a sight..Do not be afraid, because the way you have chosen for inculturation and solidarity is the same way chosen by Jesus…Good luck to all of you..DUNC IN ALTUM!!!

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