Message to the Confreres at the end of the First Continental Meeting on Ongoing Formation

Dear Confreres,

The first Continental Meeting on Ongoing Formation for the young Xaverians assigned in Asia was held in Manila from August 13-24, 2018 with the theme “Until Christ is formed in you.” (Gal 4:19). We were seventeen (17) participants coming from five (5) different circumscriptions in Asia (China, Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia).

This initiative was born as a response to the invitation of the COSUMA 2015 on ongoing formation in our religious family, of the XVII General Chapter (XVII GC 61-62) and to the felt need of the different circumscriptions of Asia for an ongoing formation for the young confreres. Thus, the gathering brought together in a unique spirit all the young Xaverian brothers and priests within the first seven years of priesthood or perpetual vows. Three moments characterized our meeting:

First, we were called to share our experiences of our first missionary assignment(s) after ordination or perpetual vows. Two qualified facilitators from Emmaus Center for Psycho-Spiritual Formation helped us to review and create a synthesis of our personal missionary and vocational journey for a renewal of our specific identity as young Xaverians consecrated to the mission in Asia.

Second, the various formal and informal meetings as well as interpersonal interactive sharing, listening, reflections, discussions, proposals and ideas on topics relevant to our missionary identity strengthened our friendship and fraternity.

Third, the moments for prayer, recreation and fellowship with the confreres of the Philippine Delegation and with our younger brothers in formation (philosophy, postulancy, novitiate, and theology) as well as visits to our Xaverian communities in the Philippines and cultural trip were valuable opportunities to deepen our sense of belonging to the same Xaverian Family.

As we conclude this first Continental Meeting on ongoing formation for the young Xaverians, we express our deep gratitude to the General Direction for supporting this initiative. We felt encouraged by the presence of Fr. Fabien Kalehezo and the message sent to us by Fr. Fernando Garcia, our General Superior. We thank Fr. Giuliano Perozzi (representative of all the Regional Superiors of Asia) and our different circumscriptions for encouraging us and accompanying us throughout this on-going formation. In a special way, we thank the Xaverian Delegation of the Philippines that has hosted this event successfully.

These two intensive weeks of ongoing formation have been so enriching that helped us to live more fully our missionary vocation in Asia. We feel renewed and ready to go back to our respective circumscriptions with more personal awareness and more love for the Xaverian family and mission.

We commit ourselves to keep in touch with one another through the means of communications to strengthen our bonds and to increase the collaboration within and with the different circumscriptions in Asia. This will help us to be faithful and to be qualified to our missionary priorities in Asia, namely the first proclamation of the gospel, inter-religious dialogue, vocation promotion and mission awareness, formation, pastoral ministry, justice and peace, ecology, and the empowering of lay associates in our missionary work.

Finally, we hope that this experience won’t be the first and the last. Having been enriched by this positive experience, we encourage all the other Xaverian circumscriptions to organize Ongoing Formation programs for the young Xaverians. May St. Guido Maria Conforti pray for us all “until Christ is formed in us”.

Manila-Philippines, August 24, 2018

On the Feast of St. Bartholomew, Apostle

Fr. Rejino Santoso Amandus (CN)

Fr. Juang Romualdus (JP)

Fr. Crippa Alessio (TH)

Fr. Kengne Kamga Thierry Bertrand (TH)

Fr. Reynaldo Fulgentio Tardelly (TH)

Fr. Afri Gordianus (TH)

Fr. Purnomo Yohanes (PH)

Fr. Hibur Yustinus (PH)

Fr. Santiañez Salazar Patrick (PH)

Fr. Silva (da) Cesar (PH)

Fr. Beltrán Aceves Francisco Javier (PH)

Fr. Sandra Mallisá Yonas (ID)

Fr. Suharno Yohanes Leonardus (ID)

Br. Kornelius Glossanto (ID)

Fr. Hotman Parluhutan Sitanggang (ID)

Fr. Hery Junianto Mardadus (ID)

Fr. Shukuru Bihaira Valentin (ID)

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