May rest in peace Bro. Martin Mbende, sx

Our community is sad to announce the sudden departure of our Brother Martin Mbende today October 21. It happened when we were having our annual retreat in the Jesuit Novitiate in Sacred Heart house, Lagro, just on our second day. We entrust to your prayers our Brother that he may rest in peace.

Martin Bmende


  1. why what Happen?

  2. I am really sorry to hear the news. May he rest in peace with God in heaven. He is a good man, humorous and very serene. I know him when I was in project 8, Quezon city in 2010. Good bye brother…

  3. so sad to hear about this untimely death bro. be praying for him. Takecare…

  4. Martin, my brother and co-worker in Sitio Militar, may God grant you eternal rest. Pray for us who are still journeying in this valley of tears. As our father and founder, St. Guido M. Conforti, wrote in his Testament Letter: “In the hope that we will one day meet together in heaven, and share the same heavenly homeland, after having been members of the same [Xaverian] family on earth, I bless you.”

  5. Marylou L. Ordoñez

    My condolences to his family and his Xaverian Community. We were so shock! May you rest and peace…

  6. The Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of Loyola School of Theology wish to extend our sincerest condolences to the Xaverian Missionaries for the untimely demise of our beloved student, Martin Mbende. Martin is a great loss to us!

    Fr. Joe Quilongquilong SJ, President
    Fr. Eric Eusebio SJ, Dean

  7. rest in peace brother martin…

  8. oh my God!!! Martin, i pray for u and please pray for us…Thanks for everything bro…you will be remembered always…

  9. He is a pearl that gone, but my faith tells me he is not forever gone, for by going he stays closer. It is painful so such youth with charisma and faith ( I still remember opening the door for him at the Philosophy house in Bafoussam) I entrust your soul to the loving God whom you served, and I pray you to stay closer to your brothers. Rest in peace, Martin.

  10. I am so sorry a young fellow like him has gone. Hard to understand things like this…. May our prayer strengthen the community and his family. Rest in peace.

  11. dear Martin, thanks a lot for your life, your faith, your friendship with the Lord, your kindness, your humility. in a simple way you have taught me a lot. i could not hold my tears when i heard that you have left us. i know that you went to meet the One you loved and served everyday. Rest in peace and pray for us. see you soon my dear brother.

  12. Riposo In Pace.

  13. You were a blessing for us Martin, really a gift. Your joy was contagious and your faith edifying. Thank you very much. From the heavens continue praying for us.

  14. richard nembouet from Chad

    May our brother rest in the Peace of our Lord who is the Source of life. May He comfort the natural family our departed brother .

  15. May he rest in peace! my heart breaks at the news…

  16. My condolences to you all. My prayers are with you as well. May he rest in peace!

  17. I was very..very shock, when I heard this bad news. I could not believe it but it happens in this way….so sad. oh Jesus, please welcome your friend, Martin, into your kingdom.

  18. My condolences to the Xaverian Community.

  19. Fratello la tua gioia e la tua pace era contagiosa, sono stato fortunato di incontrarti, continua a emanare questa pace su tutti coloro che sono nel dolore, la tua missione non finisce ma continua nei nostri cuori…

    Brother your joy and your peace are contagious, I was very luky to met you. Martin continue to radiate this peace on all people in suffering, your mission is not finish but it continues in our hearts…

  20. Mon compagnon et confrère de noviciat, cher Martin, je ne l’aurais imaginé!! Que ton ame repose en paix!

  21. Dear confreres
    I am near to you with my prayer in this very sad moment for our family.
    Our Community of Salerno will pray for Martin tomorrow during our mass.
    fr. Simone

  22. May God give eternal rest to our beloved friend on earth. I had the joy to share some days with him and I´ll always keep him in my heart as someone who loved God and did his best to be a faithful servant. May your example lead us to be better every day…

  23. SR. Eloisa Massani, Solc

    Hi, Xaverian Fathers and brothers, we join all the people in praying for the soul of Bro. Martin and for the necessary strength and hope for his family and the Xaverian family as well. One with you in prayer, Calvarian Sisters.

  24. So sad to hear about his sudden departure… The Arrupe Community, especially his classmates from here, condole with the Xaverian Community and his family, and will continue to offer masses and prayers for the repose of his soul. “Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord…”

  25. Thanks a lot Br. Martin for your friendship. Keep praying for us. And my condolence to the Xaverian community.

  26. Antonetta Pereira FMM

    My condolence and prayerful support to the Xaverians and Martin’s family. May you enjoys HIS presence Martin.

  27. A shocking news :( He’s a very jolly man and a good Catholic follower. Hakuna Matata .. RIP Brother Martin :(

  28. In behalf of my group,our prayers and condolences to Bro. Martin’s Family and to Xaverians Community…thanks for the friendship shared Bro. Martin.

  29. During the year of faith, during the month of mission, during a retreat, … Martin may our Lord of glory, the one that you have faithfully served, welcome you in his glory. Thanks for what you have been for me, a Friend.
    Condolence to your family and to the xaverians

  30. Very shocking indeed. May our Merciful God grant you eternal peace with Him. May he strengthen and console your family in this very difficult moment.

  31. condolence po to his family, friends and fellow xaverians. T.T

  32. Martin, tu avais aimé le service et tu nous suivais sur le chemin du sacerdoce; je crois que tu vas l’accomplir vraiment avec le grand prêtre par excellence, Jésus-Christ notre seigneur; repos en paix auprès de ton Seigneur: Frère Joseph NGONDJI, UCAC, yaoundé, Cameroun

  33. In the name of the Missionaries of Mary sisters, ACAY staffs, youth and volunteers I express my condolence to your spiritual family and brother Martin’s family. May God console the your hearts and give you peace for accepting the lost of your brother. God knows better why his mission on this earth ended up so early, but we believe that he remains present to all of us for ever. God bless your community. Sr Edith

  34. On behalf of our Theology Community I would like to thank you all for the prayers and expressions of solidarity. You gave us certainty that God is with us during this moment of loss and pain. Through you God’s compassionate love has been poured abundantly upon our community. God bless you all!

  35. Sincere greetings of condolence on behalf of the Missionaries of Africa! May the Holy Spirit who inspired Martin’s missionary calling comfort and console Martin’s community, family and friends!

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