Joyful Moment with Our Xaverian Friends and Neighbors

This Monday evening, June 18, 2012, we spent in our Xaverian community a moment of joy with our Xaverian friends mostly from our Parish. It was also an opportunity to resume our Monday’s Mass with them during this new Academic Year. This event began with a mass in Tagalog (National Language) and after we joyfully continued to share our friendship having together some “pansit” and juice!

Our relationship with our Xaverian friends and neighbours is considered as an expression of our Incarnation and Solidarity with the people to whom we are sent as missionaries. In fact, we see them as a precious gift that we receive from God, as our Community Project of Life of this year states: “We are aware that we must never forget that personal relationships and daily life experience are the only way in which we can really get to know Filipino and their culture”.

As a community, we are very grateful to them for all they unceasingly do for us through prayer and material support.  May the Lord always bless them!


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