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On the 12th of June of each year, the Filipinos commemorate the Declaration of their independence from Spain in 1898, by General Emilio Aguinaldo. Therefore, today we celebrate the 114th anniversary of the independence and it is a national day that came to be not without revolution and much struggle for freedom.

The historical background of this Independence Day shows that it has not been always celebrated on June 12. Before it was commemorated on July 4, in reference to July 4, 1946, the day the United States granted independence to the Republic of the Philippines in the Treaty of Manila. More simply, after the Declaration of the Independence from Spain, the Spanish government later ceded the Philippine to the United States in the 1898 Treaty of Paris. It is only on 12 May 1962 that President Diosdado Macapagal issued Presidential proclamation No 28, which declared June 12 a special public holiday throughout the Philippines.  July 4 will be kept holiday as “Philippine Republic Day”.

About the activities of the people today, most of them including government officials, employees and student participate in nationwide parades. The greatest one is the police and military parade in Manila headed by no other than the President of the Republic Benigno Aquino III himself.

It’s noteworthy to mention the symbol of that Independence Day which is the flag. The Flag of the Republic of the Philippines, representing the country is symbolized by the following:

  • Royal blue field – peace, truth, and justice.
  • Scarlet red field – patriotism and valor.
  • White triangle – equality and brotherhood.
  • Three stars on the corners of the triangle – the three main geographical regions of the country namely Luzon, the Visayas, and Mindanao.
  • The sun at the center of the triangle – has eight rays representing the eight Philippine provinces that started the revolt against Spain.

The flag is seen in various places across towns and cities in the Philippines during the country’s Independence Day.


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  1. You have gotten it right the June 12 and the July 4 celebration of Phil Indep..
    Source please of this historical info?

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