Happy feast of Saint Francis Xavier

The Xaverian International Theologate of Asia wishes you a happy feast day of Saint Francis Xavier. As we celebrate the memory of our Patron Saint, we remember his life and deeds which are part of our inspiration for our mission and charism of “first proclamation”.

Saint Francis Xavier is one of the most important missionaries and saints in the history of the Catholic Church. His major achievement was to consolidate and spread the Christian faith in India and in the Moluccas and Moro Islands of the Indonesia archipelago, and to introduce Christianity to the newly discovered islands of Japan.

As part of his legacy, he wrote a great number of letters during his missionary journey which are valuable because of their great spiritual and historical importance. We would like to share the next quote which is an extract of a letter talking about humility and confidence in God:

” O brothers! What will happen to us in the hour of our death if we do not prepare and dispose ourselves in this life so that we may know how to have our hopes and confidence in God, for at that hour we shall have to see ourselves in greater trials, dangers, and temptations than we have ever experience in either soul or body? Those who live with desires to serve God should therefore strive to humble themselves greatly, always making little of themselves, placing their great and firm foundations in God, so that, in the great toils and dangers of both life and death, they can hope in the supreme goodness and mercy of their Creator, since even though they experienced repugnance in conquering temptations, no matter how little these were, they learned how to do so; for in their great humility, they distrusted themselves and strengthened their souls through their great confidence in God, since no one is weak when he makes good use of the grace he has received from God our Lord.” 

Letter to his companions living in Goa

(Kagoshima, November 5, 1549, EX II 179-212; FX IV 63-97, no. 9)





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