Happy feast day of Saint Guido M. Conforti

Today we celebrate the liturgical feast of Saint Guido Maria Conforti. It is a Kairos to look at his life as an icon from which we can draw inspiration for our Christian life and, at the same time, to be challenged by his burning desire to bring Christ to all those who don´t know him.

The words of Giorgio Biguzzi, Xaverian emeritus Bishop of Makeni, in his homily during the thanksgiving mass in the Basilica of Saint Paul in Rome, can help us in celebrating this special day for our family: “The saints are not museum exhibits for our admiration, but models for our imitation, a help for our Christian growth, a challenge to review our life, a grace for our transformation in Christ in our own times and in the world in which we are living.”

May Saint Guido Conforti obtain for each one of us thecourage to move always into deep waters by becoming authentic witnesses of God´s love for humanity.

Happy feast day to all our Xaverian confreres, who are proclaiming and testifying throughout the world Christ´s Good News, and to all our friends who share with us the ideal of Saint Guido: to make the world a single family.

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  1. Thank you and Happy Founder’s day to the Community of the Theology! we are really blessed to have St Guido as our father and as an example of what it means to be a friend of God.

    May he continue to be an inspiration for us as we continue to share the Good News of Christ to all people.

    God bless!


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