From Rio to Cubao

By Adrian 

adrianoAs the World Youth Day was taking place in Rio, around 5,000 youth of the Diocese of Cubao gathered together to celebrate the World Youth Day at the local level. The Gathering started at the Holy Sacrifice parish which is located in the University of the Philippines, Diliman Campus. From there, the youth moved together to Ateneo the manila University. It was a Pilgrimage Walk as they call it. Although it was a walking under the rain, the faith of the young people was stronger than the rain. One of them in fact  said, “Do not be afraid, our faith is stronger than the rain.”




One night together with the young people in Ateneo the Manila University was amazing. We could feel the juvenile spirit vibrating inside the Ateneo’s Hall. Their adrenalin was manifested through dancing, singing, jumping and even shouting. They presented both traditional dances and modern dances. Moreover, the most important was praying together as one family in Christ.

The program proper started with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and was followed by the enthronement of the cross. After that, the traditional dances like Subli, Carakol, Wasuwas and Tinikling were among the first performances which reflect the richness of the Philippine culture. Besides, apart from the traditional ones, there were also some modern dances. At the midnight, all the youth took a moment of silence to pray together the rosary. After the rosary, they meditated on the drama of the way of the cross which was around two hours long. When the sun was about to rise, the young people started to sing again worship songs as a morning prayer. In the end, as the peak of the event there was an Eucharistic Celebrattion which was presided by the The Most Rev. Onesto Ontioco, Bishop of the Diocese of Cubao.















It was nice to see the creativity of the young people in the organization of this event. May the Lord helps the youth to “Go and make the disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28: 19)


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  1. Antoine Mushagalusa

    You really have a good memory of what we have lived at Ateneo de Manila University with the youth from Cubao. In my mind, it was such as an earlier Christian community: In faith we have shared one’s identity as youth…Thank you dear Adrian.

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