Exploration of some of the cultural treasures of the Philippines.

by Elvis, sx

Some of the ways to get in touch with the local culture, as missionary, is to know and appreciate it as if
it were a treasure. It is in that line that some of the brothers visited on the very day of the Independence
of the Philippines (June 12, 2012) the museum dedicated to the Father of the Philippine Independence,
Manuel L.Quezon. He is also considered as the “Father of the Philippine Republic” as well as “Father of
the Philippines National Language”.

The Quezon Memorial Circle is a memorial park with a shrine established to honor him. Its main feature
is a mausoleum containing the remains of him who was the second President of the Philippines, and
his wife, First Lady Aurora Quezon. Aside from those remains, one can find some of his belongings and
objects he had been in touch with, from his last bed in the hospital, to his clothes, paintings and sayings.
The most inspiring of his entire heritage to other generations are the boards that contain some of his
words of wisdom. It is a set of quotes full of insights and inspiration to everybody. Great is this idea of
keeping the elements of the past for future generation!


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