Community Celebration of Simon’s Admission to Postulancy

The second page of the new Calendar 2019 opened with a gift coming from the Lord’s Grace. On January 2, the Theologate and the Postulancy Novitiate communities – during the morning Eucharist presided by Fr. Emanuele Borelli – accompanied in a simple and fraternal way Simon in his admission to Postulancy.

Simon arrived in Manila in July 2018, after a period of “coming and see” in his own homeland: China. In Chinese lands were born the first religious families inspired by the Xaverian spirituality founded by Mons. Calza and Mons. Bassi, and they are still alive after many distressing years of suffering. Simon, interestingly enough, came to know the Xaverians through a member (aunt) of the female Congregation founded by Mons. Calza: The Saint Joseph missionary family.

The purpose of Postulancy is to gradually prepare us for Novitiate, by helping us to grow towards an initial choice of the Xaverian life project. Simon expressed his desire, with the help of God and the community, to prepare himself for this journey.

At the end of the simple rite, Simon chose a thought of the Founder, deeply dear to him: “I am not coming to you to ask for a donation. No, I am coming to propose something much bigger for you: if it is God’s will, and if you really feel the goodness of this, I am coming, in the name of God, to ask you the sacrifice of your youth, of your talents, of your energies, of your most legitimate and dear affections. I am asking for a big sacrifice, but I am asking it, in the name of the One who, first gave Himself for us and promised that He would recognize as His brothers those who, in this way, will do the will of His Father”.

With generosity and a big effort, his Filipino companion of Postulancy, Michael, read it also in Chinese. Only Simon could recognize the number of mistakes made during the reading, but the joy and the sense of family to hear it in his own language from his own companions of journey were visible and profound. The prayers and the songs shared in different languages (including Chinese) were a little sign of the mystery of Incarnation dwelling among us. The day was concluded with his Filipino companions Novices and Postulants with some inculturated Jiao Zi (Chinese dumplings) and Siopao (Filipino steamed buns).

Xin Nian Kuai Le,  Simon! Happy New Year!

Luigino sx

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