Celebrating the Feast of St. Guido M. Conforti…

Someone once said, “A saint never dies”. Yes, Saint Guido Maria Conforti is alive in God’s presence. His living memory continues to animate and to enlighten not only the missionary Family he has spiritually fathered but also the whole Catholic Church. In him, we contemplate with awe the power of God’s grace, which is able to transform earthly vessels into golden ones. Thus, we rejoice and walk with confidence, having before our eyes a shining star that guides our missionary steps.

It was therefore a great joy to quite down for a while and to recall the blessing bestowed upon our Religious Congregation through the events of Saint Conforti’s canonization.

On Sunday evening November 4, our Community held a prayer vigil as preparation for the liturgical celebration and for the renewal of vows of some of us. We began by a procession, symbolizing by that the Missionary journey of our Religious Family. The presider, Fr Thiago, accurately connected the Founder’s words with those of the Scripture around the theme “In your House”. The image of the house is not representing merely the physical structure of a church. The house is an image of Jesus Christ, the Tent of God among us, in whom humanity is at home with God and God is at home with us! This was the very experience of St. Conforti when he was contemplating the cross; what became the foundation of our spirituality.

The following day, November 5, all the Xaverians of our Delegation gathered at sunset in our Theology House for a solemn Eucharist in honor of St. Conforti. During the mass presided by Fr. James our Local Superior, ten Brothers renewed their temporary Vows. The presence of our Philosophy students who are all Filipino except one from China was a great joy for all. After the mass, we spent a quality time together, enjoying our being part of Conforti’s spiritual Family. All in all, we were 36 people, from eight countries of origin: maybe the most “crowded” Xaverians Founder’s Day ever celebrated in the Philippines!

Indeed, these days have been another moment to experience how true is that saints are brightening, beautifying and cheering everything they touch.

May St. Conforti always pray for us!


  1. Congratulations for the renewal of vows. We are really blessed for our international community.

  2. Filipinos are blessed to have your community! :)

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