Celebrating St. Guido Maria Conforti in the Xaverian Delegation of the Philippines

The Xaverian Delegation of the Philippines decided to gather on November 4 to celebrate the solemnity of our Founder St. Guido Maria Conforti. The meeting place was the International Theologate community. The advantage of being a small delegation gives us the opportunity to come all together every year to commemorate our Founder. Our celebration was attended by ten students of philosophy, three postulants, seventeen students of theology, ten priests, and some of our friends. Even though we are few, the internationality of our Delegation made rich our gathering by sharing the same charism and experiencing already a single family for the world.

Our program began with the Eucharistic celebration which was the central activity of our day. During the Eucharist, thirteen brothers renewed their temporal vows, Antoine Biregeyi Mishagalusa and Ulrich Mokam Saa made their perpetual profession, and ten perpetuals profess renewed their religious consecration. The beauty of the liturgical celebration created an environment of fraternity among us and love for our founder as we were gathered around the altar. At the end of the Eucharist, everybody rejoiced and congratulated our two new professed brothers.

We continued our celebration during the meal. The place was filled with joy and fraternal love as we were sharing the food, talking to each other, playing a game organized by the theologians, singing together with the postulants and philosophers, and dancing with the new professed. We could feel the family spirit which our founder wanted for all of us: a spirit of intense love for our congregation, and love for one another making us one heart and one mind.

Our last activity was a tournament organized by the theology and St. Francis Xavier Parish. We had a soccer game perpetual professed against temporal professed. After that, the community of philosophy and postulancy played basketball against the community of theology. Finally, there were the finals of the tournament organized by St. Francis Xavier Parish on occasion of its 25th anniversary. A good number of youth from our parish attended the games and celebrated together with us our founder.


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