Islam in the Philippines Today

In the line of interreligious dialogue, the international Xaverian Theologate of Manila organized a meeting animated by Mr . Darwin Absari, this October 13, 2018. Since the Topic was “Islam in the Philippines Today”, the speaker developed the theme by tracing the historical development of Islam in the Philippines from Pre-Spanish occupation up to now. The 36 participants were from Xaverian Theologate Community, Xaverian Community of Novitiate and postulancy, and the Xaverian community of Philosophy as well as some people from outside.

An Interview with Fr. Emanuele Borelli, SX

INTERVIEW WITH Fr. EMANUELE BORELLI sx, First Xaverian priest from the International Theologate of Asia  1. Father Emanuele, you are the first Xaverian priest from the Theologate of the Philippines; would you like to share with us what motivated your choice to come to the Philippines, a Delegation that…

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Ciao Pietro!

A few days ago, we have received a message from Pietro Rossini, one of the Italian youth who, last August, visited the Philippines spending a few weeks with our community. Among other things, Pietro writes:

“…ci tenevo a ringraziarti per la bellissima esperienza che ci avete permesso di vivere nelle Filippine; ho incontrato una comunitá splendida capace di dare testimonianza davvero dello Spirito di Famiglia che é il sogno del nostro Fondatore! …(giorni) capaci di motivarmi ancora di piú nel cammino che il Signore mi ha proposto di seguire. Ora sono a Ancona, dove tra poco cominceró lo studio per il secondo anno di Filosofia. … Ho realizzato un piccolo videlo dell’esperienza delle Filippine … clicca qui e dimmi che ne pensi. …Teniamoci uniti nella preghiera.”

Thanks Pietro for sharing with us your remembrances and kindness! Your enthusiasm is ‘contagious’ and we need it! Through the intercession of St. Guido, may God bless you in this new stage of your vocational journey and give you enough determination and wisdom! Let us keep in touch! (and congratulations for your video!)

P.S. For those who would like to contact Pietro, you can visit him at his website:

Who is My Neighbor?

This video has been published on Jul 25, 2012 by ,sx. We received it through the newsletter from the blog “Across Borders: A Catholic Global Mission Resource for Youth and Young Adults.”

Jesus tells us to “Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.” But who is my neighbor? This video helps answer the question.


“Ephphatha!” “Be opened!”

By Fr. Aldo, sx The Gospel of today narrates the healing of a deaf-mute man. A deaf-mute person is someone unable to relate normally with others due to the incapacity to hear what is said and also to speak out… how could one speak of what he or she never…

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