In these weeks, our Theologate Community is receiving a group of four youth from Italy, accompanied by Fr. Simone Piccolo, SX. They arrived in the Philippines last Saturday, August 11, bringing us a beautiful shining sun, which we badly needed after more than one week of very heavy monsoon rains that hit Manila and the whole North of Luzon with dreadful floods.

Fr. Simone is now working in Salerno –Southern Italy – after having spent five years in the Philippines pursuing his theological studies and being ordained in Italy, in June 2009. He says that for him, to return to the Philippines is equivalent to coming home.

Giorgia, Antonio, Pietro e Stefano are all from Italy, and in different ways are committed to take seriously their life in the perspective of making of it a beautiful gift for their brothers and sisters, in the name of God. They are visiting the Philippines in order to have a glimpse of the missionary work that the Xaverians are carrying on in this country. To get in touch with the Filipino people, their culture and their way of life is seen as a challenge to discover how God is present and active in this part of the earth! They look very interested and open – and we are impressed by their enthusiasm and desire to know – to understand and to learn how to find a home, and to feel at home, in the tradition and culture of the other! All this could bring some consequences in their own personal journey! It seems that the Confortian “To make of the world a single family” has touched already their hearts. We hope that they may experience, have a glimpse, even if at glance, of the Pilipino way of life which is made of hardships, struggle and celebration!

Giorgia, Antonio, Stefano, Pietro and Fr. Simone, you are most welcome to the Philippines and to our community! Thank you in advance for the joy, energy and friendship you will share during your stay with us.


  1. Friendship is a gift of greater importance for all of us.
    may our friends enjoy their stay with us and with the Filipino people!

  2. I wish them all the best and a meaningful stay in the Philippines!

  3. Home Sweet Home Fr. Simone!!!

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