By: Lellian Loyola

The Roman Catholic has seven sacraments, and one of them is the confirmation. I was confirmed on November 11, 2017, and I would like to share this experience.

In my own understanding, confirmation is being baptized again; renewal of faith; deepening of the relationship with God.

I never imagine that I could experience the sacrament of confirmation at my age because of my belief that a Catholic must be confirmed first before he/she gets married. Hence, I thought that I will be confirmed before getting married, then I realized that it was a wrong perception.

The Xaverian brothers wanted us (Catholic youth group of my chapel) to be confirmed, and they really pushed so hard to make it happened. For this reason, I got the opportunity to experience this wonderful sacrament.

But before my confirmation, I realized that being a Catholic is a great challenge, which is not any sort of battles between faith and beliefs, but it is the challenges that I have undergone before my confirmation.

I have experienced bad feelings with somebody days before my confirmation. Perhaps, hatred or something that really gave burden to my heart. It was too heavy to carry, and days were like pretension of being okay. It seemed that fate made that moment happened because the trial of how I could carry such feelings, and my patience was shaken. And yet, the glory of God always reigns. I was able to control myself and give my heart time to understand and feel the need for peace.

I should have been more honest with all my small and big mistakes. Then, given the fact that as a part of the sacrament of confirmation, I talked to a priest. It was hard at first because it is not easy to be opened to share my deepest secrets and all the flaws and wrong things I’ve done. Doubts, fears, trust issues, and other negative feelings arose at the moment I was preparing for the confirmation. But thank God because the talk I had with the priest really put me at ease. I shared everything and the feeling of being honest with the things I kept with myself for the longest time is indeed a deliverance. I went home with a mind free of sin and a peaceful heart.

On the day of my confirmation, the feeling was unique. It was such a great experience that I can’t explain. People around me were just so happy. I could really feel the greatness of God and His overflowing love as He used people to show His grace and love for me.

Yet, I believe that as I renew my faith and continuously goes into a deeper relationship with God, the true challenge is keeping the same stand as sins and all bad things are tempting me more. Here comes impatience, anger, hatred, revenge and so on that makes a person less of God’s child. However, I believe that God’s presence in my life will never shake the true kindness in me. God always lives in my life.

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  1. Antone mushagalusa

    Thank you Lellian for the Openness and sharing the sources of your Joy: It is your Salvation.
    Yes, to be Christian is not easy..inside and outside must be things to go through..Purification and reconciliation must happen to Enjoy the Divine Presence in us…Yes, no longer saying “I am a Christian” but, let us say ” I Need Christ”

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