Aime’s Final Profession

Saturday, November 24, 2012 has been a day of joy and gratitude for our community and the whole Xaverian Missionaries because our brother AIME MITENGEZO MUHOZA, S.X. from the D. R. of Congo made his perpetual Profession of Vows.

The event took place in one of our parishes, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish,  Marikina City, and the mass was presided by Fr. James Rigali, s.x. the Superior Delegate of Xaverian Missionaries in the Philippines and concelebrated by several other confreres. The choice of that parish was not made by chance but according to Aime, this parish has become part of his life after having his pastoral year there, where, together with the parishioners he went through unforgettable experiences, especially when they were affected by “Ondoy” devastating floods of 2009.

Fr. Rigali mentioned in his homily that half of a miracle was taking place through the young Aime in his readiness to consecrate forever his whole life to the Lord, through the Xaverian family.  The other half is going to happen through his life and commitment, and for this, he pleaded to the congregation to pray for him so that the miracle be complete. Furthermore he also reminded us that this was part of the on-going fulfilment of our Founder’s dream of, “To make the world one family in Christ.”

After the homily, it was the crucial and so long awaited moment of the Profession of Vows. Aime, in the hands of Fr. James Rigali,  consecrated his life by vow forever  to the apostolic work proper to the Missionary Society of St. Francis Xavier. He was then given a crucifix which is not, primarily a sign of suffering, but a sign of the unconditional love of Christ, that love which impels us.

Towards the end of the mass, Aime made a speech of thanksgiving first to God and then to his parents. He was very grateful to his first family and then the second one, the Xaverian family in which he always found acceptance and welcome. He was grateful to everybody and asked for prayers so that he can serve the Lord humbly, joyfully and wholeheartedly.

Our Rector, Fr. Eugene, on behalf of our community congratulated Aime and gave thanks to everyone who participated in the realization of that day. The celebration ended in an atmosphere of friendship and brotherhood sharing a simple dinner with our friends and benefactors in the residence of our confreres who work in Marikina.

We wish all the best to Aime and promise him our prayers. We are looking forward to December 3, 2012, the day in which he will be ordained deacon.

Mabuhay Bro. Aime!


  1. BIG HUGS from Sierra Leone to you Aime!!!
    Final Profession is FINAL…remember that always bro…
    prayers assured always from me and from your confreres here in Sierra leone…

  2. I´m very happy to have read this excellent news. I congratulate Aime and the whole community. May God continue blessing you with new missionaries who are willling to give up their lives to make the world a single family. AIME, huges and greetings from Mexico. I give thanks to God to giving me the pleasure to have spent wonderful moments in your company. CONGRATULATIONS.

  3. Thank you my dear Patrick and dear Miguel… Especially thank you for your prayers…we keep each other in prayer. keep up also there!!!

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