Advent: Time to prepare Christmas Gifts! Really?

EdgarBy Edgar Nava, sx

Once I heard a commentary about Christmas. Someone said that Christmas was for rich people. All the lights, gifts, the Christmas tree, the parties and so on. It is really a contradiction when we know that in Christmas we celebrate the birth of a child in a manger outside of a town after his parents could not find shelter somewhere else. This is time of advent and time to prepare for Christmas. If Christmas is about giving Jesus a worth place where to be born in me, you and everyone, let us exert more efforts in preparing our hearts than our houses or workplaces. I found a list of gifts and decorations for this season. They cost nothing and everyone likes them.

List of priceless gifts:

1st Listening

Really listen, without interruption, criticism or judgment. Listen only.

2nd A smile

Happiness is something contagious… and helps you to look more beautiful.

3rd Written notes

It can be a simple “thanks for helping me,” “thank you for being here.” It can be remembered for ever and give joy to the person.

4th A compliment

Try to be simple and honest. “You look good,” “well done,” “the food was delicious,” can make a day special.

5th A favor

Try to do a favor every day.

6th Solitude

Sometimes, there is nothing better than be alone. Be sensible and give or ask for this gift.

7th Kindness

With this gift, people will feel good for sure. For example, all what you need to say is “hello,” “please,” and “thanks”.

If you really love your friends and family share these gifts, but not only, try to give them also to all the people around you even if they are not you acquaintances. It will be a nice Christmas.


  • Share this list with your friends.
  • Concretize them! Think when, how and where you can make them possible.
  • Add to this post some other priceless gifts


  1. Congratulation Nava, my friend well done. We have hindered the true meaning of this precious time of our own understanding. So let us pick up one of these gifts for this time, may be we may change something in our life or in someone’s else life. Gandhi used to say, be the change that you want to see in the world.
    Again thanks for bringing us back to the true meaning of this time
    Maraming salamat po

  2. Thank you brother for the inspiring reflection.

  3. Thank you. very simple but worth doing. you have given me your Christmas gift already. my compliment brother. you`ve done great things to this post. happy Christmas in advance.

  4. I love the list! ~~, The points are refreshing and introspective amidst all the Christmas shopping and worries we put ourselves into. Indeed, it’s all about preparing ourselves for Jesus to enter into our hearts! Thank you so much for this, Edgar!

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