At this point in time most of those in touch with us – Xaverian Missionaries – in the Philippines already know, and even expect, that every year we organize a raffle with the purpose of supporting financially our community for students of theology, helping to provide for the needs of the young men undergoing formation and training for consecration, priesthood and missionary life.

In line with this, we have organized during this year another raffle and the draw was on December 3, 2012, Feast of St. Francis Xavier our Patron and Diaconal Ordination of Rev. Aimé M. Muhoza, S.X. We are happy that, in fairness, the winners of the eight simple prizes were proportionally distributed from the places where we had the greatest distribution of tickets namely, Maligaya, Novaliches and Project 8 in QC; Camarin, Caloocan City; Tumana, Marikina City; San Juan and Das Mariñas.

As a community we realize that apart from the monetary help, through the exercise of going around offering raffle tickets, we have been blessed with other, perhaps initially unexpected, gains. Firstly, the raffle tickets has become a way to introduce our community, mission and charism to many people who otherwise we would never meet; Secondly, we noticed that when we humble ourselves and tell people that we need them, we need their support, that they can contribute with the missionary activity of the Church, they answer with a generosity beyond our expectations;  and thirdly, at times when we feel tempted to choose the easy way of looking for support abroad, local people tell us that they can support us even more than what they have done so far. In short, apart from inculcating in each member of the community a sense of responsibility for our expenditures, through this activity we make ourselves known, we receive injections of encouragement and as a bonus, a lesson on Divine Providence.

Mainly for these reasons, our community – Xaverian International Theologate of Asia – expresses its deepest gratitude to everyone who gave their contribution by purchasing tickets and entire booklets and in a very special way to the net of Xaverian friends who had the booklets distributed among their own friends, relatives and workplace. Be assured of our constant prayers for you and your families, especially during our every Thursday Holy Hour, a Eucharistic Adoration which is part of our Xaverian tradition all over the world.

“Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father…” (Jam 1:17). Thus let us all be instruments of solidarity made available in the hands of our father!

The Xaverian International Theologate of Asia

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