20 years of Saint Francis Xavier Parish (Maligaya, Novaliches)



In 1979, a small group of determined residents of Maligaya Park Subdivision began planning for the construction of a make shift chapel. With the blessing of Rev Fr, Walter de Vilder, CICM, Former Parish Priest of The Ascension of Our Lord Parish, the makeshift chapel located at the corner of Atrium Street under a Sampaloc tree was built and named as St. Joseph the Worker-Sub Parish. The first mass was held on February 11, 1979.

On September 17, 1980 Mr. Paul Sycip, President of Biyaya Corporation, the owner-developer of Maligaya Park Subdivision, donated a parcel of land for the chapel located at Champaca St.. Having a permanent site for the chapel building construction was made with the assistance of the Ascension of Our Lord Parish.

It was on June 8, 1992, when His Eminence, Jaime Cardinal Sin established through a decree the chapel of St. Francis Xavier, which was inaugurated on December 3, 1992 with St. Joseph as second patron. The parish was entrusted to the care of the Xaverian Missionaries.

Under the stewardship of Rev. Fr. Vincent Salis, the first parish priest together with Rev. Fr. J. Jorge Rosales as Parochial Vicar, and Rev. Fr. Peter Venturini as Local Superior, the parish underwent the following activities: partial construction of the church and corresponding facilities (social hall & office). formation and preparation of the Parish Youth Council for the World Youth Day 1995, formation of Volunteer Catechist, Mass wedding and Parish Renewal Experience (PREX).

On December 16, 1995, Rev. Fr. Juan Jorge Rosales became the second parish priest with Rev. Fr. Rodrigo Vasquez as the Parochial Vicar. During Fr.Jorge’s term, census & survey of the whole parish jurisdiction was made to determine the necessary needs of the parish and its parishioners. This endeavor helped in formulating the Vision & Mission of the parish. Since then, various projects were initiated such as the Land & Housing project, Scholarship program, Medical & Dental Out-reach and the Maligaya Park Library which was initiated on February 11, 1996.

These also gave way to the establishment and construction of the St. Francis Xavier Parochial School that would mostly target the poor families of the parish offering catholic and quality education. The four-story building was blessed by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin+ on June 15, 1999.

On July 2002, the year of the 10th Founding Anniversary Rev. Fr. Gabriel Zavala was appointed as the third Parish Priest with Rev. Fr. Carl Chudy as Parochial Vicar. Fr. Gabriel continued almost all the project that Fr. Jorge had started. He also founded the St. Francis Xavier Clinic.

The Church new altar, as it stands today, was made possible through the efforts of Rev. Fr. Rodrigo Vasquez, the fourth Parish Priest with Rev. Fr. Polash Gomes and Rev. Fr. Everaldo dos Santos as Parochial Vicars. Fr. Rorro rearrange the formation building putting the Library on the second floor, giving larger space for the parish office and added gate to the church canopy. His priority also included developing program and facilities for the parish. With the help of Fr. Polash and Fr. Ignatius Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC) were strengthened putting up new bukluran.

The parish also celebrated the 500th Years Birth Anniversary of St. Francis Xavier. We would like to highlight the blessing of the tricycles and marathon fun run. Five hundred fish were then cooked and shared during the salo-salo.

It was on January 2011 when Rev. Fr. Sandro Barchiesi was assigned as the fifth Parish Priest together with Rev. Fr. Potash Gomes and Rev Fr. Ignatius Zaluchu as parochial Vicars. Since then Fr. Sandro initiated the formation and leadership training of all mandated organization, area pastoral council, pastoral council and the youth. His priority has been to strengthen the different ministries so to answer to the needs of the parish and its parishioners. He also has taken charge of the re-construction of the parish office and acquiring lot for the chapel of the area of the Zone 4. After the new assignment given to Fr. Polash and Fr. Zaluchu, Rev. Fr. Michael Davitti was assigned as the new Parochial Vicar focusing on the formation of the volunteer catechist.

As we mark another milestone in history, we celebrate our 20th founding anniversary while the parish church is moving forward, new initiatives are always on the horizon and seek to answer the needs of the parish community through the enthusiasm of the new evangelization.


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